Smart Contract Security

The smart contract security of the ForTube platform is mainly guaranteed by the following three aspects:

Experienced Contract Developers: All ForTube contract developers have rich experience in the industry. They are very familiar with various disclosed contract vulnerabilities. In the technical cooperation with other teams, they have found various different security vulnerabilities.

Multiple Audit Mechanism: The smart contract of the ForTube platform will be fully audited by at least one well-known security agency in the industry before it is officially launched, and internal cross-auditing will also be conducted on the different modules. Double test the security of the online code in various forms such as internal review meetings and simulated security attacks and defenses, and eliminate possible security risks and logical vulnerabilities.

Perfect Audit and Monitoring System: ForTube platform has GEL (global emergency lockout), CALM (collaborative automatic lockout mechanism), MAK (multi-signature administrator key), and other multi-faceted audit and monitoring systems. ForTube adopts financial-grade risk control standards, uses independent high-availability master-slave hot standby clusters, and operates 7x24 hours a day. The team regularly checks the status of the contract, and performs strict accounting and reconciliation of all financial assets in the contract. Once a possible risk of an asset is found, it will immediately automatically trigger a global emergency lockout, prohibit all input and output interfaces involving assets, and minimize asset losses.

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